#106 Four Cab Drivers and a Wedding – Boaz Power TV

I recently traveled from San Diego to Las Vegas to attend the wedding of a good friend. During my two days in Vegas, I encountered four cab drivers who each seemed to exemplify a different segment of society. Eventhough they were each driving a vehicle, they were heading down distinctively different roads in life. Using fictitious names, Ill identify them as Tom, Harry, John and Robert. Tom picked me up at the Mirage Hotel for the ride to the Saturday evening wedding at the Liberace mansion. Ive always been interested in peoples stories. Thus, I talk to everyone. A cab ride can either be filled with silence or it can be an interesting journey of discovery. I asked Tom how business was and he said, Its kind of slow. I asked why that was and he revealed an angry personality by snapping back, What do you think? Tom was angry. Life had dealt him an apparently bad hand and he was traveling down the road with heavy baggage from the store of resentment. If you have shopped too often at that store, perhaps you should start shopping elsewhere. The day after the wedding I had a ticket to the show Mamma Mia at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The cab driver who took me there was Harry. In his early 30s, Harry seemed a little more upbeat about life than Tom. He was originally from Louisiana and had a slight southern tone to his speech. Tom had been in construction for a number of years, much of it on the incredible new hotels that have sprung up on The Strip in Vegas in recent years. Since my