Also please remember the amazing job that Sheila E did on the drums with this track. For anyone who hasn’t seen, “Under the Cherry Moon” the music featured in this video, (“Alexa De Paris” (B-side to “Mountains 12″ Vinyl”) is in the scene where Prince (Christopher Tracy) is dancing is Kristin Scott Thomas – about 3 minutes in to this film compilation. The music, and the guitar playing especially, made me want to learn how to play guitar, especially the, “pinch harmonics” at the end, for some reason the music sounds better on vinyl, I don’t know why. Under the Cherry Moon is a charming, hilarious and touching film, and I urge everyone to buy it. “Planet Rock – you just can’t stop!” “Butterscotch – chocolate, oh no we definitely have different fathers!” “I don’t need friends! I’m my own man, just like Liberace! – it’s a full moon, I’m a werewolf KISS MY ASS!!!” “Did you say kiss my face off? I’d like that real well cos that’s just what I did to your daughter!” “Girl don’t you know I’ll sllllllllap the waves out yo hair!!!!” and of course, “wrekka stow!” hahahaha \m/ it’s excellent!! buy it!