Batman – *Uncut* 60’s TV episodes 49+50 (6 of 6) The Devil’s Fingers / The Dead Ringers

These two episodes (#49 & #50) first aired on October 26 & 27, 1966. They star Liberace in two roles: pianist Chandell, and his evil brother, Harry. According to Adam West in his book, “Back To The Batcave”, Liberace was one of the nicest actors to appear on the show. But during the week of filming, he kept trying to stay in character as “Harry” (scowling like James Cagney). Mr. West then goes on to say that even at his “meanest”, Liberace had a friendly twinkle in his eye that made it hard to take him as a villain. These two episodes are the only ones to feature Liberace’s Chandell.