Bluthner 772 Der Ray König Part TWO Wurtenburg Project

Der Ray König – The Ray King nicola Ray is third generation composer. Strawberri Fields Forever! Yap. Both her grandfather and her father were accomplished bandmasters and published composers of works including marches internationally played by brass bands all over the world. Yap. The first generation since her grandfathering to have a solo rendering since he played for the funeral of the Late LIBERACE. Curiously both her father and grandfather mirror the great LIBERACE in them having played brass instruments; LIBERACE’s own father playing french horn in the Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. Ray is not known for Pop, more for Fernando – Rey Frog One in The French Connection – see Youtube under: Fernando Ray / William Friedkin – Director of The French Connection. Give my regards to Broadway – you owe me a Sunbeam Tiger never mind calling it “a wrap”. Based on an idea by my friend Francesca-under-Knights-ridge – (Knightsbridge / the London girlfriend of Aircraftsman Baron Manfred Freiherr Von Richtofen, Judgeschwader 1 Flying Squadron. Oh Canada what have you done? Australia! – do somthing useful will you.