Chico, Victor or Lee? Who Would you Say Was The More Accomplished Pianist?

Chico would be Marx, Victor would be Borge and Lee would be Liberace.

It sounds like an odd question but think about your reply before you answer. Is a lumberjack who excels any less an achiever than a failed premed student? And are rewarding side-sets compensation for unfulfilled original intent?

I ask this because I’m wondered about this from time to time and I’ve been there. I’m sure a few of you have, too.

Your thoughts?
Excellent points, Mr. Jones. But wouldn’t Chico be as equally accomplished within his chosen field? As to Liberace, couldn’t he have ended up as he did not by design, but because his talents fell short as the classical pianist he had trained to become?
When I was very young Liberace had his own television show but I don’t remember much about it. Looking back on tapes of those shows, knowing a little about his life, I did know he wasn’t quite accomplished enough to be a concert pianist. But I do believe in a way this was to his good fortune because he seemed to truly love the life he ended up with, the attention, the showmanship, the clothes.
Sorry, guys. My mind isn’t on picking a ‘best’ reply right now. But I want to thank each of you for playing along with this silly question. But I do agree that Victor Borge was the more all around accomplished pianist. Chico, within his own field, was pretty amazing. As to Liberace, I too have seen clips of him trying to play ‘serious’ classical music and understand why he took the path he did.

Again, thank you all.