Crazy Piano Player | Morgan Then Please Subscribe!!! I thought of going a little insane so I stringed a number of songs together to create a long-ass medley. This song depicts my perspective about high-school life. And because it will be the last official gig in my school, I decided to go solo and present it straight from the heart. Listen to the structure of the music and you will hear elements of Innocence, Playfulness, Aggression, Anger and Romance. I personally feel that this piece can be related to anyone’s life if they string a story to go with each song in the medley. Songs in this medley: Chopsticks Twinkle-twinkle little star Hall of the Mountain Kings (Grieg) Sonata in C Minor “Pathetique” (Beethoven) Croatian Rhapsody (Huljic) Amazonic (Huljic) Amazonic C# Minor (Huljic) Piano Battle [Chopin Cadenza] (Jay Chou) Nostradamus (Huljic) Hope you (critics) don’t mind the mistakes that might be heard during the video. 😉 Please Subscribe!!! Thank you very much!