Did the wrong person get eliminated on American Idol?

After last night, it is more like American Idiots!!!

One thing for certain, I do not have to watch next week’s show. Gokey is gone, so the real talent is gone. Adam has stage talent, and everyone wants him to win. He is Simon’s and Randy’s favorite. The other kid from Arkansas is far from the most talented kid from the tryouts. Nevertheless, Idol really screwed up this time. Voters only have to look at last winners who did not make it big. Yes, they all made some money but went down hill since idol. Folk are caught up in Adam Flamboyance. He is sort of a young Liberace and Elvis in drag. This is the gay era, so Adam will definitely win. The other kid is cute and manly but boring. He can sing folk music but cannot sell albums to the progressive teens and young adults of today’s market. Poor Gokey, he did not expect to be eliminated this way, but Simon usually gets what he wants. Adam knows this is his for the losing.