Do intelliegent experiences exist for tourists in Vegas?

I say no, not anywhere to speak of in Vegas proper. Vegas is
almost completely devoid of museums period. There are only two
museums even listed in tour-books. One is the Liberace museum,
the other is a museum of M&M’s on the south end of the strip.
WIth so many tourists, surely there are plenty of smart ones.
Isn’t there something somewhat approximating intelligence they could build there? Is there nothing to ever be had but shopping malls in the guise of “theme experiences”(Caesar’s, Venetian,
I could go on forever), hookers, and slot machines? Is that really
all people want are fake, dumbed-down experiences with a few thrill rides thrown in for good measure?
Or could they actually raise the bar just a bit higher, brain-wise?
As cheesy and fake as Disney World/Land is, they do engage the mind somewhat, especially at Epcot. Evidentally, Vegas gave up
all hope of broadening their offerings a long time ago. Would
a book called “Vegas for Dummies” be redundant?