Do these Lady GaGa lyrics symbolize anything?

Well, in the recent release “Dance in the Dark” by Lady GaGa, there is a build-up to the climax of the song, where the lyrics are…

Tell ’em how you feel girls.”

I thought it was random womens names first, but then the song began talking about Lady Diana, Liberace and Jean Benet Ramsey. It also talks about haunting.

The song is based about the male dominance over women, and how women can be controlled and manipulated by men. I think this is why she used Lady Diana because of the belief she was killed by her husband. So… my question is…

Do the names Marilyn, Judy and Sylvia perhaps symbolize anyone. I thought originally of Marilyn Monroe, though I don’t know much about her as I’m in my mid-teens.

Have there been famous individuals with the name Marilyn, Judy or Sylvia who were perhaps manipulated or used by men?