Download Sentimental Serenade Piano Music – Jon England; album sampler

MP3 @ -or- -or- -or- -or, the real CD @ and at Rhapsody, Napster, Zune, LastFM, MySpaceMusic, Amazon, iTunes, etc Reflective famous piano melodies for love lost, losing love or melancholic indulgence! Serenely self-indulgent, this piano-solo album of multi-million-selling, timeless American classics will soothe the soul of even the most tormented losers-in-love and those who haven’t QUITE lost it yet! Carefully chosen for their all-encompassing hint of sadness, Jon’s inimitable style once again perfectly captures the intimate yet Grand Piano style which so perfectly frames each melancholy gem. A light yet commanding touch; sensitive and timely expression – Jon plays each melody with love and care JUST as the original torch-singers who made them famous do. Jon England – the “Velvet Piano” player – has produced a set of recordings which are a thing of beauty and lasting significance … not unlike the lost/losing/unrequited love about which these songs have been written and which will touch a nerve in all who hear them and who have a heart which isn’t quite as unbreakable as the owner once thought.