Frederic Chopin’s nocturne number 2 – my mother said there are lyrics. What are they.?

My mother sang the song’s lyrics to me the other night. She said that it used to be a popular song with the lyrics and she thinks that Liberace used to sing them. Can you please tell me what the lyrics are to the above song? I can’t find them on the internet. Thank you!
It’s Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 Number 2
It was lyrics set to the song. Not something that Chopin wrote. Sorry. My mother is 68 and she said that it was a popular song back in the day. They were beautiful lyrics.
The only lyrics I can remember are something like, “in a world full of strangers….”
I still can’t find all of the lyricrs – but, I just called her up and asked her to sing it to me. Can you please help me find all the lyrics. Here is what I have: “But if love won’t last dear we have the right to love again. In a world full of faces, true love can sometimes lose it’s places. In many cases, true love has lost it’s way. Don’t live in the past dear – for you and I the die is cast dear and if love won’t last dear we have the right to love again.”