Golden Bat Montage of Cackling Greatness

Behold five-and-a-half hilarious minutes of mind-blowing Golden Bat greatness taken from the ultra obscure 1966 Japanese superhero extravaganza! Only the Japanese could conjure up a motion picture with a superhero that has a gap-toothed skeleton head clad in a shiny jumpsuit and high collared cape combination that would make both Liberace and Gene Simmons green with envy out to save Earth from an extraterrestrial threat in the form of a self-professed tyrannical ruler of the universe that looks like a cheap chipmunk costume that’d be used in a library production of Wind in the Willows but with four robo visor eyes and the sort of metal claw hand typically only seen on pre-Atomic Age movie robots and Inspector Gadget adversaries. And let us not forget this evil Nazo, Ruler of the Universe travels around in what appears to be a giant drywall screw with glowing eyes. I put together this five minute montage showcasing a few choice moments from the insanity that is Golden Bat with an emphasis on Nazo’s spazzing out, assorted feats of campy overacting, bizarro sound effects, state-of-the-art special effects work, and let’s not forget all the soothing maniacal cackling that both our hero and villain can muster. There were just so many possible scenes to choose from. Unless you’ve actually seen the movie with your own eyes you cannot begin to fully fathom just how much lunacy can be packing into a 70-minute movie. For more about the madness that is this hysterical motion picture