Gunit Beg for mercy- Stunt 101

[50 Cent] I’ll teach you how to stunt My wrists stay rocked up My TV’s pop up in a Maybach benz I’ll teach you how to stunt Nigga you can’t see me My Bentley GT got smoke-gray tints I’ll teach you how to stunt My neck stay blinging, my rims stay gleaming, I’m shining man I’ll teach you how to stunt I see you scheming, nigga keep on dreaming, I hurt ya man! I’ll teach you how to stunt [50 Cent] Seven series BM, Six series benz Twenty-four inches, Giovanni rims R-1, one wheel when I’m on one of them Ma, that boy out there actin a fool that’s him They say I’ve changed man, I’m getting paper, I’m flashy They like me better when I’m fucked up and ashy My royalty check’s the rebirth of Liberace Stunt so hard, everybody got to watch me And I don’t really care if it’s platinum or white gold As long as the VS bling, look at that light show In the hood they say Fifty man your sneaker look right yo Just can’t believe Reebok did a deal with a psycho Banks is a sure thing, yall niggaz might blow I’m fittin to drop that, so I suggest you lay low Buc, he from Cashville, Tenneckee nigga Getting them ten of keys, save ten for me nigga [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] I’m sensing a lot of tension now that I’m rappin But the kids used to look up to you, what happened? Me on the contrary, hand covered with platinum Different color coupes but I’m in love with the black one On point, cuz you get RIP’s when slacking So the stashbox big enough to squeeze the mack in Yeah, I’m fairly new but I demand some