Hoodoo Gurus – On my street – Caloundra, Australia 2009

Hoodoo Gurus, Caloundra Festival, Queensland, 23 october 2009, 3 er tema On My Street (Blow your cool / 1987) Dave Faulkner Won’t you visit my town? Ain’t too far, you just go eight miles underground And take The Diamond Mine straight to my street. Everybody you know Is dying to meet you (‘cos they all told me so!) And Tojo booked you HoJo’s bridal suite. Light a candle with a star, Turn around, and there you are. On my street you can drive no car. Anybody could see The Flying Doctor’s been barking up the wrong tree – Cecil B. De Mille lives on my street. CY O’Connor’s feeling depressed And Gypsy Rose Lee is always under-dressed, While Liberace is playing with his feet Fly Sinatra to the moon You’ll be back by afternoon On my street you can call the tune You’re on my street.