Jay-Z, is he musically-dead?

This right here, is REAL Jay-Z…

Anything after Vol. 3 was just downhill for Jay-Z, nothing he’s putting out now can compare with this.

He was a great rapper, and he had so much potential, but now he’s completely commercialised. I don’t want to hear Rihanna, Kanye, & s***, what happened to the fedoras, diamonds, liberace, the swag. The old Jay-Z.

Reasonable Doubt will always been one of my favourite albums ever, but I’m just upset to see how popular he is considering how low the quality of his music has fallen.

Reasonable Doubt – Will always been in my CD collection.
Blueprint 3 – Would be in my toilet.
I know he began commercialising with the Lifetime albums, but those albums still had some good cuts.

Blueprint 3 is in all respects. an R&B/Pop album with some rapping on it.

You could still call the Lifetime albums hip-hop. They aren’t nearly as bad as the Blueprints.
American Gangster was him trying to return to grace after getting so poppy after the Blueprint albums. It was him wanting to go a little street again.

But then on Blueprint 3 he went back in the wrong direction.