Lady Gaga Lyrics Challenge!!!?

Match the lyrics with the song!

1. “and in the silence of the Night, through all the tears and all the lies. I touch myself and it’s alright”

2. “Is it because you don’t mean it? Or because i don’t feel it unless it’s rough”

3. “I wish he never looked at me that way”

4. “Work your blonde Benet Ramsey We’ll haunt like Liberace, Find your freedom in the Music, Find your Jesus, find your Kubrick”

5. “Watch your heart when we’re together. Boys like you love me Forever”

6. “If everything was everything, but everything is over, Everything could be evrything, If only we were older”

7. “We French Kissed on a Subway train, He tore my clothes right off, He ate my heart and then he ate my brain”

8. “It’s not how Big, It’s how Mean”

9. “A Superwoman chick you know that i am. Some Shi+ don’t fly by me in a man.”

10. “Promise I’ll be Kind, But i won’t stop until that boy is mine”