LITTLE MONSTERS: Lady Gaga lyrics game?

So, to play this game, i’ll put lyrics and you put what lady gaga song the lyrics are from.

1) In the morning, buy me eggs

2) Don’t stop for anyone, we’re plastic but we still have fun

3) I’m looking for love, not an empty page

4) Want you in my Rear Window, baby, you’re sick

5) Benet Ramsey will haunt like Liberace

6) I am as vain as I allow

7) Why you acting silly, boy?

8) I’ll never write a song, won’t even sing along

9) Would you make me number one on your playlist?

10) If you want us to we will *ah* you

11) It’s not how big, it’s how mean

12) I wanna just dance, but he took me home instead

13) How’d I turn my shirt inside out?

14) I’m not loose, I like to party. Let’s get lost in your Ferrari.

15) “Touch me,” he whispered

17) I never thought we’d fall out of place

18) Don’t know why you wanna blow it

19) I’m your lover and your mistress

20) Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station

see if you can match up the lyrics to the song, you don’t have to do all of them but you can if you want.