Reveen – The Impossiblist is Still #1

This Reveen commercial was filmed in the Bonneville Theatre in Salt Lake City Utah in the late mid 1960’s. To this day Reveen holds an attendance record that is tied with Liberace for playing to more people in that theatre than any other artist in the 20th Century. Though Reveen rarely tours nowadays he continues to be a sensational box office attraction selling out virtually every performance. Keep scanning YouTube” to learn more of his upcoming 2007 Atlantic Canadian Tour commencing September and October throughout Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Reveen’s Show entitled “The Superconscious World of Reveen “The Impossiblist” is the world’s funniest and most amazing stage show!Reveen has sold more tickets than any other theatrical attraction in Canadian history. From coast to coast in Canada he is still a household name known by most Canadian’s and everywhere he has played around the world. His success is legendary. I consider myself very privileged to have worked with him on many occasions throughout the past 40 years and I’m proud to consider him a very close and personal friend. Never have I known of a man with a greater memory than Reveen, and never have I met a man with more integrity, ethics, and a commintment to his family audiences. The Reveen Organization is complemented by a Theatrical Special Effects provider, Streamer Effects here in Canada. Ty Reveen invites you to drop into to see how the excitement