Shani Wallis Tribute

Here is a great rendition of this famous and beautiful song by the unique Shani Wallis, the famous “girl from Oliver!”. Shani Wallis (born in 1933 in Tottenham, London) is an English actress and singer, who released several records in the 1950’s. She is best known for the role of “Nancy” in Carol Reed’s 1968 production of “Oliver!”, which had been played on Broadway by fellow British actress/singer, the late Georgia Brown. Shani Wallis sang in Charlie Chaplin’s “King in New York”, also had a recurring role in the American soap opera, “The Young and the Restless”, as Frances. She is a naturalized citizen of the United States, where she lives. She is the sister of jazz drummer, Leon Roy. She is a good friend of businesswoman (and former actress) Connie Stevens. She has been performing in many concert halls and TV shows (with Tom Jones, Liberace, Jack Jones, Tony Bennett and many others) for more than 40 years. Listen to her vibrant and powerful voice!