SHINDIG! #1 (1964) – [3of3]

SHINDIG! #1, aired: September 16, 1964 — Part 3of3 ——————– — The Righteous Brothers – “This Little Girl Of Mine” — Alan Sues (comedian doing an imitation of Liberace) — Bobby Sherman – “Hello Dolly” (duet with Shindig dancer Maria Ghava) — The Everly Brothers – “Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo” — SC__”Bl ow ing_In_The_Wi nd” — Finale: The Everly Brothers – “Lucille” ———————- Shindig! was a rock ‘n’ roll series that ran from September 16, 1964 through January 8, 1966 on the ABC network. Shindig! was created and produced by Jack Good who had previously produced rock ‘n’ roll TV shows in his native Britain. There, he perfected his style of fast-paced rock music programing. In 1962, Good produced a pilot for American TV. The pilot, titled “Young America Swings the World,” eventually became the blueprint for Shindig! Most of the top American and British rock/pop acts of the mid-1960s appeared on Shindig!. The British performers often appeared in segments taped in the UK Shindig! was different from previous US rock ‘n’ roll programs. It featured non-stop music that, in most cases, was only interrupted by the commercial breaks. Shindig! started a trend in television which could probably best be described as “rock ‘n’ roll…with go-go dancers.”