Steve&Garry show opening (87-88) parody commercial & drop ins

More random tape from the vault: Some classic show opening tapes that most fans will probably remember starting with the classic Liberace Lube commercial, then whining and crying from Jimmy Swaggart & Jim Bakker (what they always did best.) Then the infamous Lee Elia (from the Cubs) press conference rant/freak out (edited version), some words of ‘wisdom’ from Jimmy The Greek, the day that the Milwaukee mayor called Jesse Jackson a ‘spear-chucker’ (not in the way you might think!), play-by-play annoucer and friend of the show Pat Foley, Harold Washington talks about ‘arrogance gone wild’ and the press (I wonder what kind of underwear he had on?!), and those idiotic evangelist preachers from Ohio who decided that Mr. Ed is Satanic and their lengthy interview with the Steve & Garry