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Are you a grandma for Adam Lambert?

I cannot believe the hundreds of posts I’ve read from women over 50 who are huge Adam Lambert fans. (I am one of those, as I am 56). One woman said “I don’t understand why we love him. We all know he’s gay. Have we lost our collective marbles? Why do we all want to throw our panties on stage for him?” And I was LMAO. Too funny as I can totally understand. He appears to be a cross between Freddie Mercury, Elvis, Liberace and Steven Tyler and the end result is startlingly AWESOME!

I’m voting for him and watching him on youtube every chance I get.

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“Canadian Capers” ~ Adam Swanson @ BBR&EJF 2009 ~ Columbia, Missouri http Adam Swanson performs “Canadian Capers” Adam tells us that this tune was stolen from a West Coast bandleader and barber, Sid LeProtti. The date for the rag is 1916 (I think) and the song is probably what you found from the ’20s with Composer Gus Chandler, Bert White, & Henry Cohen. Publication: New York : Jerome H. Remick & Co., [1921?], c1915. This performance was at an afternoon concert at the Jesse Hall Auditorium during theBoone Ragtime & Early Jazz Festival in Columbia, Missouri. I hope you can attend this fantastic festival next year! Take a peek at the websites shown above for more information. _ 2009 June 09 08/09 06/09 May

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Adam Carolla Talking About Freddie Mercury

From the Adam Carolla Podcast: Adam and guest Harland Williams discuss Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford, and Liberace.

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