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Re: Leann Rimes – Amazing Grace Piano

Myplaylists include music by Lee Liberace, Jon England, Richard Clayderman, Roger Williams, Hoagy Carmichael, Michel Legrand, Art Tatum, Dino Kartsonakis, Errol Garner, Charlie Schaffer, Russ Conway, Ferrante & Teicher, Carl Doy, Beegie Adair, Caravelli, Floyd Cramer, Geoff Love, Horst Jankowski, Ronnie Aldrich, Stanley Black, David Foster, Claude Bolling, Edison Valencia, Marrina Waks, and one Liberace imitator who tags his stuff [Roger Williams] and [Branson] and has told me not to mention his name. There are also many pieces by little known [nobodies] who are fantastic piano soloists, admired mainly by their YouTube fans. I am looking for videos of Bill Pursell, Felix Slatkin, George Shearing, John Arpin, Norm Geller, Norman Percival, and Gordon Franks. I would be amiss if I didnt have the greats Del Wood and JoAnn Castle on my page, however, they are only favorited, and not in the playlists. As much as I admire their talent, its a far cry from the romantic style Im after. # Hope you enjoy. # Channel Keywords: Las Vegas Piano Solo Lounge Bar Jazz Standard Standards romantic concert pianist pianista pianiste pianoforte playlist playlists elevator music easy listening musica religiosa religious evangelica romantica himnos tradicionales cristianos religiosos evangelicos christian gospel evangelistic old hymns ragtime Steinway Baldwin Artist timeless classics movie themes Christmas

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The Finest of the Group – Amazing “Cocktail” Pianists

A cocktail pianist rippling tenderly along the background adds further classiness to a party. You can easily look over your phone book to come across amazing cocktail pianists to play during your engagement party, gala dinner or wedding, within these days. Often, most of these pianists accept special requests and can sing your favorite songs. Eddy Duchin, Liberace and Carman Cavallero are the great pianists being followed by the modern cocktail pianists among the others.

At the age of 40, Eddy Duchin was quite young when he died back then. Though he’s life was short, he handled it greatly and became one of the most creative and prominent cocktail pianist. He decided to quit his career of being a pharmacist and focus more on playing his favorite musical instrument – the piano. His love for music was so intense that he made everything to reach his most wanted goal. His good looks, charm and engaging personality made him become very famous at the Central Park Casino despite not having a formal training. In the long run, Eddy took the lead in the orchestra and became even better known in that high-class nightclub.

By the mid-30’s, Eddy Duchin was a household name and nowadays he is already proclaimed to be the first pianist to direct a whole orchestra. Peter Duchin who was his son followed his footsteps. In his own right, Peter became a talented pianist and is dynamically drawn in to the American culture scene and arts.

”Poet of the Piano” – that is the nickname earned by Carmen Cavallero himself, referring to his playing style. Many present-day cocktail pianists usually follow his style of playing the piano – classic mixed with a bit of pop, with rippling and tinkling melodies. Cavallero made his experiment with the jazz and Latin music. In a group he had joined in the early times, he promptly became the lead solo pianist but in 1939, he decided to leave his group and structured his own band which is made up of five members. The group achieved their great success and in the early 1940’s made their way to expand.

Finding their most wanted spot at San Francisco’s Mark Hopkins Hotel, Carmen and his band toured across America. The song Sukiyaki originally made by the Japanese singer Kyo Sakamoto was revived by Cavallero and became more famous after the release. The band of Carmen Cavallero was one of the highly listened-groups in San Francisco, a few years before he died in 1989.

Several young pianists nowadays are influenced by Duchin’s and cavallero’s style of cocktail piano music. Wladzu Valentino Liberace greatly known as Liberace is a young Polish-Italian who is included in the group of those youngster pianists. The young and energetic Liberace was already known to become a great phenomenon quite early when he showed his real talent in playing the piano. At the age of four, he began to play piano. He accomplished learning and playing complicated pieces at the age of seven. He engaged himself to music because he was a lonely teenager teased by his peers. At every single event that would give payments, he eagerly played and at some point he even played is cabaret bars and strip clubs.

Bit by bit, Liberace had improved his signature showman style. He decided to put on his own shows and gave up playing in competitions. By uncertainly mixing classics with the pop music, he made a good start. Thereafter, he began inserting dialogues, intermingling with his spectators and accepted requests. Liberace became the main topic of show business by the mid-1940. His performance became very pleasurable and flashy. He never allowed his flashiness outdo his music even though he fantastically wore those sequin-designed costumes and piano costumes. Music critics continuously portrayed him as a surprisingly talented performer after his death in 1987.

Being different – that’s what makes the first cocktail pianists interesting. They left the practice of playing the usual classical music and paved their way to the door of adventurous nobles. The cocktail pianists used their imaginative talent to create something that is original, making their very own music popular to the listeners. They are quite interactive with their spectators making them as an important element of the entire playing performance. We should thank the first amazing cocktail pianists – Duchin, Cavallero and Liberace for they have uncovered what real music is all about.

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