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Can you write a story that includes 6 of these movie quotes, just for the pure fun of being creative?

1. Personally I think she was Hitler’s maid at Berchtesgaden.
2. Bring down a copy of my will… and an eraser!
3. There’s nothing wrong with you that a little Prozac and a polo mallet can’t cure.
4. Here, taste my tuna casserole and tell me if I put in too much hot fudge.
5. I think if Liberace had children, this would be their room.
6. Are we having FUN, yet?
7. We’re in hell. We’ve entered hell! When?
8. Claustrophia and a dead body – this is a neurotic’s jackpot!
9. I think it’s a reasonable assumption that if you’re dead you don’t suddenly turn up in the New York City Transit System.
10. It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.
11.Yes, Satan? Oh, I’m sorry, sir. You sounded like someone else.
12. Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know….. let’s have a spelling contest.
█ ► I will close this in another day unless someone posts their “intent” to answer. ◄

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What are your thoughts on the following people being apart of the Church of Satan?

Kenneth Anger, King Diamond, Teresa Hidy, David Vincent, Marilyn Manson, Thomas Thorn, Aaron Joehlin, Boyd Rice, Marc Almond, Alkaline Trio guitarist and singer Matt Skiba and drummer Derek Grant, professional wrestler Balls Mahoney, professional wrestler Sterling James Keenan, journalist Michael Moynihan, pianist Liberace, death metal guitarist Matthew McRaith, Sammy Davis Jr. and the artist Coop.

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