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Boogie Woogie Piano Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson – you ain’t gonna believe this one! Tommy Johnson plays boogie woogie. An amazing pianist. Plays boogie-woogie piano music incredibly! The Real Boogie Man!

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Austin, now 11, playing Bumble Boogie

Austin is now 11. He’s playing Bumble Boogie which was written by Jack Fina, performed by Liberace, and is based on Flight of the Bumble Bee by Rimsky-Korsakov.

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Joan live: MUSIC of the STARS, I’ll Fly Away, boogie woogie

Joan Atwell LIVE~ Lincoln Hall in Ruston, Louisiana. Booked as an upbeat humorist, singer, multi-talented musician and “Boogie Woogie” piano player, Joan tries to play the SOCKS OFF the keyboard as she sings, “I’ll Fly Away.” ….. Joan has been compared to Jerry Lee Lewis and Winnifred Atwell which she denies but she won’t deny loving piano and playing her first duet with Liberace at the young age of six. Of couse, he was on TV and she was banging the keys off her mama and daddy’s big ole upright in the living room in front of the tv. She’s been at it ever since!….. “Ole Time Gospel Music is one of my very favorites as I was raised on it” said Atwell. Joan Atwell is also growing to be one of north Louisiana’s newest and most comprehensive reporters on the entertainment scene… Be sure and catch her interview with the owners and great entertainers, the Burton Boys, and Carl’s wife, Ruby, of the Lincoln Hall, Ruston, La. Louisiana Live Entertainment Report Video made by; Mrs. Joe Burton (Betty) Story by; Betty Burton Hollis Productions po box 234 Farmerville, La. 71241 (A story of this Gospel benefit show will be including in an upcoming local newspaper, the BERNICE BANNER. Joan writes a column called Joan’s Journeys about her happenings and what the lastest TROUBLE is she has gotten herself into. The Banner can be contacted about subscribtion info. Thanks for watching. Louisiana Entertainment Report

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Bumble Boogie

Piano Sam Dickenson Bumble Boogie by Jack Fina. In 1899 Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov created his opera, The Tale of Tsar Sultan including an orchestral interlude named Flight of the Bumblebee as it was appropriate in the context of the play. This interlude was mostly a chromatic sequence using the violins as the principal instrument. Since then, a popular solo piano transcription was written by Sergei Rachmaninoff, and is a favourite encore piece of concert pianists. However, in 1946, an exciting pianist, Jack Fina put his own touch to it, writing an entire boogie woogie version, and has been a favourite of boogie pianists, recorded and performed by greats such as Winifred Atwell and Liberace. This work has since been performed and constantly improvised upon with settings from small ensemble to orchestra. Bumble Boogie as it was named, has now become a standard test piece in the AMEB grade 8 syllabus, and is a favourite of many popular performers.

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Bumble Bee Boogie on Piano: David Osborne

David Osborne plays a Liberace classic Flight of the Bumble Bee Boogie.

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Liberace – To Love Again, Boogie Woogie, You Made Me Love You

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Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie

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