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Ultimate Wrestling Commercial

Ultimate Wrestling Commercial5. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania X-8) 2. Two Underdogs… Two Friends… Two Champions (Wrestlemania XX) Years ago the wrestling business was thought of as just big and hairy giants smacking each other around and a small guy could never get a break. In the mid-90s thanks to influence from Japan and ECW, the smaller guys started to make a splash in WCW and the WWF. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels became champions and cruiserweights were gaining an immense amount of popularity with their excellent matches. Still, nobody thought a small guy could “win the big one”. That all changed in 2004. Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar at February’s No Way Out PPV and won the WWE Title. Chris Benoit had won the Royal Rumble and was thrust into a title match with HBK and the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at the Main Event of Wrestlemania XX. Benoit had Triple H down and after some struggling, Hunter couldn’t take the torture and tapped out. Finally, Benoit’s 18 year journey came to a conclusion as he became the World Heavyweight Champion. After his win, Eddie Guerrero, his best friend for over 10 years, popped up with the WWE title and the two exchanged hugs and tears. In the ring were two champions who nobody thought would ever win the titles celebrating together at Wrestlemania XX. What a moment… 1. Hulk Hogan bodyslams Andre the Giant (Wrestlemania III) If there was a moment that defined what Wrestlemania is about, it has to be at the

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Steve&Garry show opening (87-88) parody commercial & drop ins

More random tape from the vault: Some classic show opening tapes that most fans will probably remember starting with the classic Liberace Lube commercial, then whining and crying from Jimmy Swaggart & Jim Bakker (what they always did best.) Then the infamous Lee Elia (from the Cubs) press conference rant/freak out (edited version), some words of ‘wisdom’ from Jimmy The Greek, the day that the Milwaukee mayor called Jesse Jackson a ‘spear-chucker’ (not in the way you might think!), play-by-play annoucer and friend of the show Pat Foley, Harold Washington talks about ‘arrogance gone wild’ and the press (I wonder what kind of underwear he had on?!), and those idiotic evangelist preachers from Ohio who decided that Mr. Ed is Satanic and their lengthy interview with the Steve & Garry

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Bruce Meyers ( joined Stedfast Enterprises Limited in 1965 to raise hard to get funds for the non denominational Christian Mission Society, Open Air Campaigners, founded in Sydney in 1892. Stedfast took the Australian agency for Thomas Electronic organs in 1965 and traded in a small but growing business until approx 1973. An annual budget of a minimal $7000 pr annum, was violently affected when the companys friendly advertising agent , Tom Glynn, advised that Liberace was doing a concert tour in Australia and maybe could a Thomas organ commercial in Australia. He was contracted to opposition Baldwin Organs for virtually every country, but not Australia. Bruce agreed but was staggered to find Liberaces fee would be $25000 US dlrs. He saw the potential and agreed but obstacles occurred. The Australian Musicians Union refused Liberace Permission to work in Australia, other than the concert terms of his visa. After much negotiation, we decided to make the commercial in USA. In order to do this we: 1.Had a script written by an Australian Scriptwriter. 2.Found an Australian soundman willing to travel to USA for the commercial 3.Found an Australian Cameraman, travelling in USA, to film the commercial. 4.Found a ten year old schoolgirl in Sydney, Justine Wilson, and Bruce taught her to play the first four bars of When the saints Go Marching In using the exclusive Thomas ColorGlo System. 5.Arranged for Justines Grandmother to be available as chaperone. 6

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