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Anne Murray Could I Have This Dance Piano

Myplaylists include music by Lee Liberace, Jon England, Richard Clayderman, Roger Williams, Hoagy Carmichael, Michel Legrand, Art Tatum, Dino Kartsonakis, Errol Garner, Charlie Schaffer, Russ Conway, Ferrante & Teicher, Carl Doy, Beegie Adair, Caravelli, Floyd Cramer, Geoff Love, Horst Jankowski, Ronnie Aldrich, Stanley Black, David Foster, Claude Bolling, Edison Valencia, Marrina Waks, and one Liberace imitator who tags his stuff [Roger Williams] and [Branson] and has told me not to mention his name. There are also many pieces by little known nobodies who are fantastic piano soloists, admired mainly by their YouTube fans. I am looking for videos of Bill Pursell, Felix Slatkin, George Shearing, John Arpin, Norm Geller, Norman Percival, and Gordon Franks. I would be amiss if I didnt have the greats Del Wood and JoAnn Castle on my page, however, they are only favorited, and not in the playlists. As much as I admire their talent, its a far cry from the romantic style Im after. # Hope you enjoy. # Keywords: Las Vegas Piano Solo Lounge Bar Jazz Standard Standards romantic concert pianist pianista pianiste pianoforte playlist playlists elevator music easy listening musica religiosa religious evangelica romantica himnos tradicionales cristianos religiosos evangelicos christian gospel evangelistic old hymns ragtime Steinway Baldwin Artist timeless classics movie themes

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How could Rey Mysterio benefit from halting Dolph Ziggler’s career?

it is a well known fact that Dolph Ziggler was set to receive a huge push mid last year, but a few problems backstage and Rey was unwilling to drop the title to Dolph, effectively killing his career for now. DOlph has done little since his altercation with Rey and it seems dark if he will ever see the light of the upper mid card again

so how could Rey benefit from this?
Will Dolph ever reach the level of stardom he had mid last year again?

BQ(May be unrelated to wrestling, does not need to be answered for BA)

Name the song, the group that did the song, and the group member that does this verse

If I could capture the rage of today’s youth and bottle it
Crush the glass from my bare hands and swallow it
Then spit it back in the faces of you racists
and hypocrites who think the same shit but don’t say shit
You Liberace’s, Versace’s, and you nazis
Watch me, cause you thinking you got me in this hot seat
You motherfuckers wanna JUDGE me cause you’re NOT me
You’ll never STOP me, I’m TOP speed as you POP me
I came to save these new generations of babies
from parents who failed to raise ’em cause they’re lazy
to grow to praise me I’m makin ’em go crazy
That’s how I got this whole nation to embrace me
And you fugazi if you think I’ma admit wrong
I cripple any hypocritic critic I’m sic’d on
And this song is for any kid who gets picked on
A sick song to retaliate to, and it’s called..

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What could it be…..? Riddle?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one,
Michael J. Fox has a small one,
Madonna doesn’t have one,
The Pope has one, but doesn’t use it,
Clinton uses his all the time,
Bush is one,
Mickey Mouse has an unusual one,
Liberace never used his on women,
Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his,
Cher claims that she took on three,
We never saw Lucy use Desi’s

What is it?

NOTE: this is a previous question asked by dobiegang, i will be posting the real link (including answer) soon after all of you people answer this.

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I Could Have Danced All Night

Accordion solo by Tony Lovello known as “The Liberace of the accordion” Also known as the Living Legend King and master of the bellows shake as coined by Maestro Anthony Galla-Rini 5 Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Visit Tony’s website at: Produced and directed by Olivia and Jessica Gehefer

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riddle for ya, what could it be?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one.

Michael J. Fox has a small one.

Madonna doesn’t have one.

The Pope has one but doesn’t use it.

Clinton uses his all the time.

Mickey Mouse has an unusual one.

Liberace never used his on women.

Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his.

Cher claims that she took on 3.

We never saw Lucy use Desi’s.

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How could I smuggle these items into the prison for Berta during our conjugal visits…?

16 oranges
2 lemons
1 Samurai sword
3 copies of Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’
1 CD player (she can’t use iPods yet)
A framed photo of her mother posing next to Liberace
Bear mace.
100ft long rope

: (

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