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Do you approve of gender change?

Wayne Newton was effeminate when he was younger and he used to get a lot of crap about it– late night talk show hosts would make him the brunt of gay jokes, basically equating him with Liberace. Now he wasn’t gay, and would physically attack guys that insinuated he was a feminine gay. Eventually he got tired of the insults and changed his gender.

Do you approve of such gender changes without medical supervision?

Should people be allowed to change their gender?

Before gender change:

After gender change:
OK, nobody gets the joke, so I will explain a little more. Wayne Newton is a man, but his gender was somewhat feminine. He eventually changed his gender to macho masculine, but his sex never changed.

It was a play on the true meanings of words and the imprecision of some people’s vocabulary.
OK, let me try again…

This is the definition of “gender” I am using for the question:

“2b : the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex”

I’m not talking about sex changes, just changes in gender, LoL.

That’s why I brought Wayne Newton into this. He went from effeminate to macho overnight, and the old ladies in Vegas started to swoon when he did that– people also shut up about calling him gay after that as well.

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