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Is this the one thing Democrats have to thank George Bush for?

It’s my working theory that the sitting US president somehow creates the mood for the music of the era. I submit:
JFK – Good President – Crap Music
(Bennett, Sinatra,Liberace,Dean Martin)
Johnson – Ok President – Fair Music
(Beach Boys, Peter Paul & Mary)
Nixon – Crap President – Great Music
(Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin)
Ford – Not long enough in office to have an effect
Carter – Good President – Crap Music
(Abba, Bread, Traffic, DISCO)
Reagan – Crap President – Great Music
(Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Boston, Journey)
Bush – Crap President – Great Music
(Metallica, Bon Jove, Alice in Chains, Skid Row)
Clinton – Great President – Crap Music
Bush – Crap President – Great Music
(Fuel, Dope, Jet, White Stripes, POD, Korn, Evanesence,Sigh,
Tool, Operator, Soulcrusher, and on and on…)
Carter’s one and ONLY purpose was to heal the country and pull people together after the near disastrous impeachment proceedings of Nixon and what it was doing to american society. He did that, and then he wasn’t needed anymore. Huh.
Clinton – BOOMING economy.
Bush 1 – Stock crash of ’87
Bush 2 – Housing crash of ’07

It’s the economy, stupid.
Ned – The Bay of Pigs was organized and set in motion (the planning and prep) by Eisenhower (check into if you like) and JFK naively went along with it when the CIA and pentagon filled him in on it, and told him that the forces were ready to go “right now”, he realized the mistake and tried to pull out after it had begun. The total failure and embarrasment resulting from it is what caused Kennedy to vow to ‘break the CIA into a milloin pieces’.
And to all of you – I was there, I paid $1.62 a gallon for gas in 1982 (Reagan), I remember it specifically because of something else personal that happened to me while I was buying gas ata station in Homestead, Florida when I was on my way back to the Naval Station there. And I was assigned to one of the units that was involved in trying to clean up some of the mess from Iran-ContraGate (and how do you think those AMERICAN CITIZENS that Reagan and Bush Sr. left sitting in Iranian terrorist’s hands for an additional 6 months felt when they found out Reagan had used them as a bargaining chip to help get himself elected President?
But I digress – This was actually supposed to be a tongue in cheek quetion, with some fun answers. I honestly didn’t associate the party affiliations until you guys mentioned it,
now, it seems pretty funny, I guess that’s why I’m aDemocrat!
Oh, and by the way, I liked Ford, he seemed lke a decent guy, and I voted for Reagan the first time (ONLY!!).

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Dine & Dance with George Liberace and His Orchestra

Product Description
Thanks, You’re My Friend, Ain’t Cha?, The Night They Invented Champagne, Peanut Vendor, Nevertheless, silver Threads Among the Gold, When the Saints Go Marchin’ In, Blue Danube Waltz, True Love, Chopin Waltz, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?, George Liberace Mambo, My Heart Will Always Cry, Stardust and Starlight, Thanks

Dine & Dance with George Liberace and His Orchestra

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Erich Bergen performs “Waiting For That Day” live in concert 4/8/09 – George Michael cover

Erich Bergen (from the Las Vegas cast of JERSEY BOYS) performs George Michael’s “Waiting For That Day” from his concert, Erich Bergen Live @ The Liberace Museum. April 8th, 2009. 9:30pm. (contains a portion of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”) Watch in HD! Erich Bergen – Vocals Tish Diaz – Keyboards Tyler Williams – Bass Tony DeAugistine – Drums Drew Zingg – Guitar Ali Spuck, Rene Ruiz, Keely Vasquez – Vocals This concert will be released as a CD in summer 2009. Visit the following websites for more info:

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Nigel Kennedy on George Enescu Festival plays Beethoven

Beethoven violin concerto Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Kennedy’s carefully maintained loutish persona is seen by some as abrasive and limiting to his career,[12] citing as an example his use of a ‘Mockney’ accent instead of the Received Pronunciation he had when he was interviewed as a child in 1964 on the BBC’s Town and Around.[13] Kennedy was attacked for his approach to classical music by John Drummond in 1991, calling him “a Liberace for the Nineties” and criticised his “ludicrous clothes and grotesque, self-invented accent.”[14][15] Until 2006 he had expressed his intention of not appearing on the classical London concert scene with a London orchestra, seen by some as arrogance[5] and stated by Kennedy in terms of frustrated perfectionism: “It all comes down to the amount of rehearsal you get, or don’t get, in this country. I insist on three or four sessions prior to a concert, and orchestral administrators won’t accommodate that. If I didn’t care about getting it right I could do three concerts in the same amount of time and earn three times the money. But you can’t do something properly in less time than it takes.”[5] This changed with his 2008 Proms appearance. Kennedy expresses concern[16] for the immediate appeal of live performance, and often records entire works or movements in single ‘takes’ to preserve this sense in his recordings. He also introduces improvisatory elements in his performances, as in his Jimi Hendrix-inspired cadenza to the Beethoven violin

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Dine and Dance with George Liberace at the Beverly Hilton

Dine and Dance with George Liberace at the Beverly Hilton

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George Bennett (12) from West Sussex UK,was given the great opportunity to play the unique and wonderful “Liberace Baldwin 9ft Mirrored Grand Piano” at The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas on Thursday 21st August 2008. George is completely self taught and plays everything by ear, he admires Liberace and all fine piano players and especially would love to meet and jam with the UK’s Jamie Cullum.

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Wide receivers,starring George Michael,Richard Simmons and Liberace is the answer…?

What’s the question?

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