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Guernica “Valderas Girl On Steinway” Spiegmann Fiesinger Duo Moore 4U”

To the one I love. Look after London. Guernica “Valderas Girl On Steinway” Spiegmann Fiesinger Duo Moore 4U” – Skittles1754 The art of improvisation is never letting it be assumed you didn’t invent everything. Like THE KISS. (see films: fernando Ray “The Kiss” – 4 the girl I love. STEINWAY GUERNICA – “Valderas’ Girl” – “WATERLOO – tHE 1815″ My True Love Is Moore 4U” To Walter Wladziu Valentino LIBERACE 16 May 1919 to 7th February, 1987, Palm Springs.. To the imaginery meeting of an unknown artist from Valderas, Spain, meeting with the son/s of Henry Moore That IF the British Empire were to last for a THOUSAND years, Men will still say: THIS was their finest hour. Modelled by Francesca Of Knightsridge Featuring Steiinway & Sons – “Girl In Love Who PLays Picasso…………….With Eyes Wide Shut” Variations and extemporisations on the masters styles the classics in presentation not necessarily created in total by Steinway & Sons. “Man was born to be free…..” (Straker – London Production Of “Hair” – The Roundhouse ” To the one I love.

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Who is Benet Ramsey, the girl Lady GaGa mentions in her song “Dance in the Dark”?

Sample lyrics from the song:

“Work your blonde
Benet Ramsey will haunt like Liberace.
Find your freedom in the music,
find your Jesus,
find your Cupid…”

Can’t tell if it says “JonBenet Ramsey,” “Benet Ramsey” or simply “a Ramsey.” I looked online, it’s pretty scattered between the three.

The lyrics point to a darker side since it says “haunt.” Just seems odd to me.
It refers to JonBenét Ramsey. GaGa also refers to Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath and Princess Diana in that song. All 5 girls were famous and fell to tragedy. They also had intense media coverage following their deaths. The song is great. Her new album is amazing!… “Music Structure and Lyrics”

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Nicole Pryor – The Little Girl Is Me

I just perfomed this song live at the Liberace Musuem in Las Vegas. This is my mother’s favorite song that I have written!

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Erich Bergen performs Britney Spears’ “I’m Not A Girl” Live 2009

Erich Bergen (from the Las Vegas cast of JERSEY BOYS) performs a cover of Britney Spears’ “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” from his concert, Erich Bergen Live @ The Liberace Museum. Las Vegas, NV. April 8th, 2009. 9:30pm. Watch in HD! Erich Bergen – Vocals Tish Diaz – Keyboards Tyler Williams – Bass Tony DeAugistine – Drums Drew Zingg – Guitar Rene Ruiz, Travis Cloer – Vocals This concert will be released as a CD in summer 2009. Visit the following websites for more info:

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Liberace and the girl next door – BBC

When Liberace decided to get married, the World was shocked. Was it always a doomed romance? Take a look at this video clip from BBC.

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