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Riddle, might be an old one but first time i heard it?

> A riddle for the day
> Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one.
> Michael J. Fox has a small one.
> Madonna doesn’t have one.
> The Pope has one but doesn’t use it.
> Clinton uses his all the time.
> Bush is one
> Mickey Mouse has an unusual one.
> Liberace never used his on women.
> Jerry Seinfeld is very, very proud of his.
> Cher claims that she took on 3.
> We never saw Lucy use Desi’s.
> What is it?

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time for a do you remember question. which of the the following have you heard of?

a. brownie cameras
b. I Spy
c. the John Birch Society
d. Mitch Miller
e. Yugos
f. Daktari
g. Liberace
mornin’ ms. apple. you’re very welcome, lol.

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I heard Liberace was great on the piano but He SUCKED ON THE ORGAN is that true?

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Have you heard Rod Stewart’s New Album??? Its called “Murdering The Classics by Rod ‘Suxass’ Stewart”

OMG!!! I hope that Cat Stevens jihads RS for ruining “Father and Son”!!!!!!! RS did such a good job covering C Stevens’ “First Cut is the Deepest”. I preferr the original CS version, but RS made that song his.
Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Don Henley, Van Morrison, Dan McCafferty, John Fogerty and Peter Ham also owe RS a serious a$$ kicking for desecrating their songs. The rest of the songs on RS’s new album already sucked… so its hard to tell if he did any damage.
Seriously… how could someone who used to sing with such passion and energy turn into such a wimp? Did Rachel get his balls in the divorce settlement??? Is he possesed by Frank Sinatra or Liberace??? Is he addicted to estrogen???

On top of that in an interview he said that he did the album of covers because he was lazy and it was easy money. I can’t seriously beleive that this album will make much money unless all the baby boomers have all gone insane already. Maybe he can hook up with Barbra Streisand and tour!!!!
I hope that RS reads this. RS… if you are reading this… I think that you should kill yourself. This album is really that bad.
Answerer #1 I’m ony 182 so shine on man!

Answerer #2 Yer reported

Answerer #3 My anger management classes worked very well. When I got my diploma, I only murdered the instructor… I didn’t torture him first.

Answerer #4 Music is serious! Don’t take this lightly! This could be the sign of the apocalypse!!!

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