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Homosexual/Bisexual celebrities that make the gay community look bad/good?

Gays/Bisexuals that make gays look good –

-Adam Lambert.
-Ellen DeGeneres
-David Bowie
-Freddie Mercury
-Billie Joe Armstrong
-Harvey Milk
-Neil Patrick Harris
-Jesse Tyler Ferguson
-Janice Ian

Gays/Bisexuals who make gays look bad-
-Perez Hilton
-Chris Crocker
-J. Edgar Hoover
-Roy Cohn
-Rock Hudson

List some more for each list?
And what are your opinions on these people and people who improve/damage the gay community image?
I’m 14 years old. I’m writing a Freshman (9th grade) persuasive essay about gays having the same cognitive thinking that straights do. And the image of homosexuals in media, etc.

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