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Which one of these manly macho dudes would you want to get your back if you got into a barfight?

George Michael


Richard Simmons


Clay Aiken?

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What was the biggest eye-opening disappointment for you when you got out into the “real world”?

For example: for me it was finding out that the world was so much bigger than I imagined, in a way. I grew up in Iota, LA, with 1,000 of the nicest Cajuns God ever put in the bayous. I could write pretty well, play a few musical instruments, drew some cartoons I thought were clever — everybody said “He’s a genius! He’ll be the next Shakespeare, Liberace (God help me), Walt Disney. Then I graduated from high school, got into college and found out pretty quick that there were lots of kids just like me who could do all those things and more, and that I was mediocre at best. Disappointing, but a necessary eye-opener for me.

Anything like that for you?

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Hypothetical: 3 armed thugs break into you house and are holding you at gun point demanding cash!?

Your small dog is barking…which neighbor would you rather have hear this commotion and come to your rescue? Your Liberal neighbor, who has a cat, a gerbil and a flower garden, and was last seen watching reruns of Liberace? OR Your conservative neighbor, who has 2 pit bulls, 3 pistols and a rifle, and was last seen drinking beer, and watching the UFC?

You make the call?

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How could I smuggle these items into the prison for Berta during our conjugal visits…?

16 oranges
2 lemons
1 Samurai sword
3 copies of Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’
1 CD player (she can’t use iPods yet)
A framed photo of her mother posing next to Liberace
Bear mace.
100ft long rope

: (

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