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Mobb Deep – Eye For A Eye (lyrics)

From the best album ever The Infamous Featuring Nas and Raekwon. Next song: Fort Minor – Remember The Name

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Mobb Deep – Eye for an Eye (Your Beef is mines)

Song: Eye for an Eye (Your Beef is mines) Author: Mobb Deep Alubm: The Infamous [1995] [Chorus:] As time goes by, an eye for an eye We in this together son your beef is mines So long as the sun shines to light up the sky We in this together son your beef is mines [Chorus] [Verse One: Prodigy] Let me start from the beginning, at the top of the list KnowhatI’mean? Have a situation like this Another war story from a thirsty young hustler Won’t trust ya, I’d rather bust ya, and leave your corpse for the cops to discover, while I be dippin in the Range Rover All jewelled like Liberace You watch me while Jakes tryin to knock me and lock me But I’ll be on the low sippin Asti Spumante Niggaz try to creep on the side of my jeep Stuck the heat through the window rocked they ass to sleep Over a 3-pack, it was a small thing really yeah but keep lettin them small things slide and be a failure If I’m out of town one of my crew’ll take care of ya The world is ours and your team’s inferior You wanna bust caps I get, all up in your area Kidnap your children make the situation scarier Life is a gamble, we scramble for money I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny I’m caught up in the dirt where your hands get muddy Plus the outcome turns out to be lovely Got G’s in my pocket hit off my main squeeze Push back, the sunroof, let the cold air breeze through the butter soft leather upholestry But mostly, keep the gat closely, cuz niggaz wanna toast me [Verse Two: Havoc] Yo I gotta

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