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playing piano at the liberace museum

While we were there, a teenage girl washed her hands, signed a waiver, and played for a few minutes on one of liberace’s pianos. This was the first of the three times we’d hear the Phantom of the Opera music that day.

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Liberace Museum Tour

John Katsilometes visits the Liberace Musuem for a museum tour on its 30th anniversary.

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Is the Liberace Museum a museum worth visiting when visiting Las Vegas? Why or why not?

I have read mixed reviews on the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. I have heard some say it is worth the visit while others say it was very depressing and not in a good part of town.

I was wondering if visiting the Liberace Museum is worth the visit when visiting Las Vegas, Nevada? Why or why not?

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Liberace Museum Display

Image taken on 2010-02-24 16:52:46 by rbglasson.

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Liberace Museum – Las Vegas – Culture & Travel – On

“Liberace might not been the first showman to grace the Las Vegas stage, but he was definitely the most extravagant. A trip to the Liberace Museum is in order for those who want to see evidence of his flamboyance firsthand. Opened to the public in 1979 by the man who knew more about decadence than Marie Antoinette, Liberaces former home is a fantastic candy store of luxury and absurdity. Known for his stage antics, irreverent classical piano pieces, slick pompadour and Mozart-meets-Elvis attire, Liberace was both a beloved and ridiculed performer whose legend has become practically synonymous with Sin City. A fun and indulgent Las Vegas attraction, the museum is divided into two sections, one of which contains the pianists famous collection of highly decorated pianos. Among the collection are his favorite, a mirror-plated 9-foot concert grand, and a piano that belonged to American composer George Gershwin. Also housed in the first section are Liberaces signature custom-built cars, which he would drive on stage as part of his grand entrance. Theres even a mirror-plated Rolls Royce to match his favorite piano. The second section of the Liberace Museum is home to an array of Liberaces more bizarre stage gear, including a gigantic red velvet Christmas suit and a 200-pound Neptune costume, among other fascinating ruffles, sequins, feathers and flared legs. Theres also a re-creation of Liberaces Palm Springs bedroom and a showcase of his numerous awards. For all of his

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Mothers Day Liberace Museum Visit

Our home movie of our visit to the Liberace museum in Las Vegas Nevada for a Mother’s Day Celebration

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