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Is it possible to talk of “vulgarity” in classical music?

I recently read in the Classical music section (in a region different from English speaking countries) a couple of questions regarding the “vulgarity” in Classical music. The person stated that some composers and players can be classified as “vulgar” while anothers can be regarded as “refined”. In the first class that persons ranked composers like Shostakovich or piano players like Liberace or conductors like Celibidache (based in the rude manners of the conductor), while in the second class this person ranks Debussy and Berlioz.

I am a newcomer understanding how can we label some music or musicians as “vulgar” or as “refined”. In the case of some people could be justified judging their behaviour, but what would be the criterion to classifiy a Classical piece as “vulgar” or as “refined”? Is it related with the harmony, with the chromatism, with the excess of instrumentation perhaps…?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
best regards.
Dear Gengis Kan:

I agree with you that it could be a very hard task to classify a piece of music (specially Classical Music) as “vulgar” or refined. I posted this question here to receive more information to understand – founded in some serious basis – how can someone judge a composition as “vulgar”. It is interesting to read in the answers given before you, that indeed is possible to find in a masterpiece a bit of “disgusting” taste according to some accepted parameters.

Thanks for your effort in replying my question here in English. I could read your text without problems.

Greetings my friend! (¡Saludos amigo!)

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Dance In The Dark – Lady Gaga (Music Video) – Yoonha Hwang Piano Cover with lyrics (Official)

★Tweet It ★ ★Share It on Facebook ★ – Dance In The Dark – Lady Gaga (Music Video) – Yoonha Hwang Piano Acoustic Cover with lyrics (Official) – Link – ★Myspace : ★Facebook : ★Twitter : – Lyrics – Silicone, saline, poison, inject me Baby I’m a free bit(ch), I’m a free bit(ch) Some girls won’t dance to the beat of the tribe Won’t walk away but she won’t look back She looks good but her boyfriend says shes a mess, Shes a mess, shes a mess, now the girl is trash Shes a mess (x4) Baby Love to dance in the dark Cause when he’s looking she falls apart Baby Love to dance in the dark (x2) [x2] Run, Run Her kiss is a Vampire grin moonlights away While she is howling at him She looks good but her boyfriend says she’s A tramp She’s a tramp she’s a vamp but she still does her dance She’s a tramp she’s A vamp but she still kills her dance Baby Love to dance in the dark Cause when he’s looking she falls apart Baby Love to dance in the dark [x2] She loves to dance in the dark (Dance In the dark) She Loves, she loves to dance in the dark Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, tell him how you feel girls Ramsey, Lamont, White, Liberace Find your freedom in the music Find your Jesus, find your cupid You will never fall apart Diana You’re still in our hearts Never let you fall apart Together we’ll dance in the dark Baby Love to dance in the dark Cause when he’s looking she falls apart Baby Love to dance in the dark [x2]

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Download Sentimental Serenade Piano Music – Jon England; album sampler

MP3 @ -or- -or- -or- -or, the real CD @ and at Rhapsody, Napster, Zune, LastFM, MySpaceMusic, Amazon, iTunes, etc Reflective famous piano melodies for love lost, losing love or melancholic indulgence! Serenely self-indulgent, this piano-solo album of multi-million-selling, timeless American classics will soothe the soul of even the most tormented losers-in-love and those who haven’t QUITE lost it yet! Carefully chosen for their all-encompassing hint of sadness, Jon’s inimitable style once again perfectly captures the intimate yet Grand Piano style which so perfectly frames each melancholy gem. A light yet commanding touch; sensitive and timely expression – Jon plays each melody with love and care JUST as the original torch-singers who made them famous do. Jon England – the “Velvet Piano” player – has produced a set of recordings which are a thing of beauty and lasting significance … not unlike the lost/losing/unrequited love about which these songs have been written and which will touch a nerve in all who hear them and who have a heart which isn’t quite as unbreakable as the owner once thought.

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Joan live: MUSIC of the STARS, I’ll Fly Away, boogie woogie

Joan Atwell LIVE~ Lincoln Hall in Ruston, Louisiana. Booked as an upbeat humorist, singer, multi-talented musician and “Boogie Woogie” piano player, Joan tries to play the SOCKS OFF the keyboard as she sings, “I’ll Fly Away.” ….. Joan has been compared to Jerry Lee Lewis and Winnifred Atwell which she denies but she won’t deny loving piano and playing her first duet with Liberace at the young age of six. Of couse, he was on TV and she was banging the keys off her mama and daddy’s big ole upright in the living room in front of the tv. She’s been at it ever since!….. “Ole Time Gospel Music is one of my very favorites as I was raised on it” said Atwell. Joan Atwell is also growing to be one of north Louisiana’s newest and most comprehensive reporters on the entertainment scene… Be sure and catch her interview with the owners and great entertainers, the Burton Boys, and Carl’s wife, Ruby, of the Lincoln Hall, Ruston, La. Louisiana Live Entertainment Report Video made by; Mrs. Joe Burton (Betty) Story by; Betty Burton Hollis Productions po box 234 Farmerville, La. 71241 (A story of this Gospel benefit show will be including in an upcoming local newspaper, the BERNICE BANNER. Joan writes a column called Joan’s Journeys about her happenings and what the lastest TROUBLE is she has gotten herself into. The Banner can be contacted about subscribtion info. Thanks for watching. Louisiana Entertainment Report

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The Wonderful Music of Liberace

Product Description
2 album set including Clair De Lune, Huganrian Rhapsody, Liszt Concerto, Exodus, Moon River and more.

The Wonderful Music of Liberace

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Elvis & James Let’s Make Some Music

From the hit Tagalog movie Elvis and James, Panchito (as Professor Liberace) sings “Let’s Make Some Music”

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piano music mark salona

This tune is called Rafael. It was written and recorded by Mark Salona. . Copyright 2008 Thanks so much for listening!

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