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Christians only please: how can you illustrate to a gay son the perils of sin (using celebrities)?

I need famous people, and the (negitive only) results of their sin.

I need to show Martin, 15, the results of sin. he is a good boy, and does as he is told mostly. we made him sorry for his feelings and it was getting through to him that This Wasnt the Way,

The problem is he is young and doesn’t realise that eternity is forever.
To him the lifestyle looks like a big party of sex, drugs and liberal living without morality.
he thinks that his ‘friendship’ with another boy is harmless, yet he hid it from hubby and I so he was obviously ashamed, and rightly so. ITs the lies that hurt more.

how can I explain him that this boy is a devil and will lead him to hell?
I need names of homosexuals who have evil connections or have been punnished by AIDS or something by god, like ;

Alistair Crowley – satanist, evilest man alive
Liberace – AIDS
Kurt Kobaine – killed by harlot
Freddie Mercury – AIDS
Derren Brown – Sourceror
Alan Turing – comited suicide
That runner girl/boy – had her award taken away

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Don’t you think you should accomplish SOMETHING before you go by only one name?

I’m tired of seeing all these actors/actresses/whomever going around having only one name on their credits. It screams something like “Look at me!” and “Attention w hore”

Extra credit: Who has earned this right? I think Prince, Liberace, and that’s about it. Enlighten me, friends 🙂
edit: Jesus, Madonna and Bono are worthy of single monikers. They have all done excellent work and have accomplished great things, Jesus definitely most of all…

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Simon & Son – The only Father & Son piano team in America !

With innovative programs ranging from Beethoven to the Beatles and Liberace to Wipeout, pianists Peter & Saling Simon present a heart-warming evening of popular and classical music interspersed with wonderful stories and comedy. A dazzling one-of-a-kind presentation for all ages to enjoy. For more info about them, go to:

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Weve Only Just Begun

Weve Only Just Begun

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1 and Only

Album Details
Classically-trained Pianist, a Child Prodigy who Became One of America’s Most Popular Entertainers. These Recordings Dating from his Hey-day in the ’50s Include his Theme Tune “i’ll Be Seeing You”…. More >>

1 and Only

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