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I will be in Las Vegas in a week. What are some local attractions I can go to to have fun?

I will be there in a week. I use to go 6 to 10 times a year, but they were all 2 to 3 day trips. I wen last year for a week, and was board after the third day. I went to the Liberace Museum, Atomic Testing Museum, I even went to the Super Adult Book Store on Tropicana. That’s how board I was. I will be there for a week again, and I want to do local things like that again. Things that people that live there know about. Can you tell me of any places like that. Also is there a miniature golf course in town. One with a big arcade, and little indy cars to race. If you have links to the places, or web sites to go to, that would help too. This way I can see where they are, and get directions. Thank you for you help.

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Elvis & James Let’s Make Some Music

From the hit Tagalog movie Elvis and James, Panchito (as Professor Liberace) sings “Let’s Make Some Music”

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Some of Liberace’s Costume Boots

Image taken on 2010-02-24 19:14:44 by rbglasson.

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