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Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Part One

Please watch part two or this will be removed Godzilla Eats Las Vegas part one This was performed/showed at Coon Rapids High School at the Pop n Pie concert 2008 Part Two:

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Las Vegas – Lonely Planet Travel Video

Lonely Planet author Sara Benson is a big fan of Las Vegas. Traditionally a city of dirty little secrets, it’s now a high-rolling playground where the $20 hotel room is now a thing of the past. It’s all that you would expect – casinos, strip bars, drive-thru wedding chapels, $5 steaks – and some things you would not: chic art galleries, the Atomic Testing Museum and a serious underground punk scene. Beware, there’s absolutely no rest for the good nor the wicked. Produced by Lonely Planet TV

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Celbrity Vegas Fight?

this is a vegas tag team fight

Liberace and Wayne Newton vs. Carrot Top and Barry Manilow

2 past vegas starts vs. two curretn vegas headliners
I heard that those were arm implants lolz

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Vegas 2010

Last days of the Liberace Museum

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Surreal Vegas

A town in the middle of the desert devoted to outrageous excess, there is probably not a weirder place in America than Las Vegas, when you really think about it. And true to it’s reputation, Sin City has some of the oddest travel destinations in America. One of the entertainers long associated with Vegas was the flamboyant, “perenial bachelor,” nudge nudge, wink wink, Liberace, who has his own museum dedicated to him in Vegas. Check out Liberace museum to see a collection of his outrageous stage costumes, including his purple royal cape, and his equally outrageous car collection, including his gold studded convertible. He was so successful, I wonder why he never married? And if you’re looking for more interesting yet weird Vegas history, I’ve got the place for you. Have you ever wondered where those giant, flashing, neon signs that are attached to every building in Vegas go when they are retired? They’re sent to the Neon Boneyard, part of the planned Vegas Neon Museum. Take a walking tour through the boneyard to catch a glimpse of giant pieces of Sin City history. Walk past a fifteen foot Silver Slipper, a giant genie lamp, and even a towering pool player and feel dwarfed by Sin City history that goes back more than 60 years. 10 of the most famous neon signs have been fully restored and shimmer during the night in downtown Vegas, as part of the Fremont Street Experience. Trips through the Boneyard are by reservation only, so call ahead for a tour. Next time

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The Piano Rig Guy in Las Vegas – Flight of The Bees

World Champion Pianist, Ryan Ahern is one of the most captivating and amazing solo piano artists on the performance market today. His solo piano arrangements satisfy every diverse audience and cross nearly every genre and style of music from Broadway to Boogie-Woogie. His famous hand speed is mesmerizing to see, the blur of fingers while being razor sharp on the keys is unbelievable to witness. Its unreal how he can perform from the most pumpin’ Boogie Woogie you have ever heard to the most romantically smooth ballads that make you melt into his atmosphere. His stage presence is immediate and powerful. His headliner show leaves you wanting more and feeling bonded with this endearing performer. The show pace is perfect and the song arrangements are exciting, full, lush, and each seems to speak to every audience member. The Show even makes people who don’t normally seek out piano music completely enthralled and drawn to it. It is simply the most amazing display of piano playing you will ever encounter. Ryan Ahern has been a pianist in Las Vegas since the age of fourteen when he began performing at the prestigious Canyon Gate Country Club. After a few years of the private party circuit Ryan began entering competitions. He is the two-time recipient of the Crystal Piano Award, First place winner of the Las Vegas International Search for Talent, Winner of the Suncoast Hotel 2nd Annual Talent Competition, and the only Two-Time 1st Place winner of the International Liberace

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Do intelliegent experiences exist for tourists in Vegas?

I say no, not anywhere to speak of in Vegas proper. Vegas is
almost completely devoid of museums period. There are only two
museums even listed in tour-books. One is the Liberace museum,
the other is a museum of M&M’s on the south end of the strip.
WIth so many tourists, surely there are plenty of smart ones.
Isn’t there something somewhat approximating intelligence they could build there? Is there nothing to ever be had but shopping malls in the guise of “theme experiences”(Caesar’s, Venetian,
I could go on forever), hookers, and slot machines? Is that really
all people want are fake, dumbed-down experiences with a few thrill rides thrown in for good measure?
Or could they actually raise the bar just a bit higher, brain-wise?
As cheesy and fake as Disney World/Land is, they do engage the mind somewhat, especially at Epcot. Evidentally, Vegas gave up
all hope of broadening their offerings a long time ago. Would
a book called “Vegas for Dummies” be redundant?

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