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The word of GOD??

so I got this email from a person on this site :

Message: No sir, nobody looks up to me, we all look up to Jesus for examples on how to live life. When Jesus tells me that man will not lay with man as he does with woman because God finds this disgusting and abhorent, that’s good enough for me. I think that taking life lessons from Jesus is a wise choice don’t you? I could always take them from Rock Hudson or Liberace or the multitude of other men who bend over for their mates couldn’t I? I don’t look at being injected with deadly diseases as fun like you may sir. I would prefer to live a long life and not die from AIDS as you and all your faggy may desire
No sir, I like normal things. cars, planes, girls, football, pubs etc I will pray for you and I may even go to your funeral and say to your casket, I told you so.

do you think Jesus would agree with him?
response to “jason”:

show me ONE verse where JESUS mentions homosexuals… there isn’t one… embarrassed ?
sorry… i meant “jackson”
to “g i m d:

… uh… it’s about gay people …. or did you catch that….
to “demented…”

yes…Jesus DID exist… it’s the interpretation of his teachings that i have a problem with…. I think Jesus would be saddened by the use of his words as weapons of hate…that is the OPPOSITE of everything he stood for…
to “redcatt”:

it was “john j”

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someone used this word in an answer to one of my “?”‘s what does it mean?


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