The Best of The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show #2

website: contact: The Pollock & Pollock Gossip Show, which began in 1985, was arguably the most controversial, most watched and most discussed of the Videon shows. After this unclassifiable program was abruptly cancelled in 1989, reports of its strangeness grew and grew, eventually taking on legendary proportions. Basically, “Rockin’ Ronnie” Pollock would spin tunes while his sister “Nifty Natalie” would indulge in what might possibly be described as interpretive dance. “Anyone can come and join us,” Ronnie announced during one show promo, and he wasn’t kidding. Along with stray guests the Pollocks picked up on the street or at the mall, this shambolic program might feature Liberace song stylings from a tone-deaf cross-dresser, a dance routine from a shuffling, half-nude elderly man, or an appearance by two giggly, tongue-tied, high-school girls.