The Kirby Stone Four (1957) – How Deep Is The Ocean (Featuring Larry Foster)

In 1957, The Kirby Stone Four recorded a dozen songs for the LA-based budget label Tops Records (which also distributed under the name Mayfair Records). These recordings, which featured some of LAs finest musicians, Paul Moer, Tommy Tedesco, Buddy Clark and Mel Lewis, consisted of a mix of standards and new tracks composed by Stone and fellow group members Michael Gardner and Eddie Hall. Two of the tracks, Alexanders Ragtime Band and How Deep Is The Ocean also showcased Larry Fosters amazing talent for vocal impressions. On How Deep Is The Ocean, for instance, he mimics well known celebrities from the era, including: Billy Eckstine, Mel Torme, Frankie Laine and Tony Martin in the first verse, with Perry Como, Liberace, Vaughn Monroe, Nat King Cole, and Enzio Pinza rounding out the second verse. By 1960 Tops Records was bankrupt, however, recordings from its catalogue continued being released well into the decade on labels such as Golden Tone, Acorn, Hurrah Records, and Rondo. NB THIS CLIP FEATURES AN EXTREMELY RARE, NEVER-BEFORE SEEN PHOTO OF MEL TORME WITH KIRBY STONE (BETWEEN THE 0:35 0:45 SECOND MARKS)