Where Can One Purchase a Cape?

Dear Yahoo,

Our Friend, Famous Chuck, is in the market to purchase a cape. He is not looking for anything fancy, but he does have a few minimal requirements. It should be something durable enough to run and ski in, yet versatile enough to wear to a sports bar, barbeque pit, or a Bo Bice concert. All of the capes available locally are overpriced and of questionable quality. Can anyone recommend a vendor of high quality capes, such as those worn by Superman, Liberace, or Mick Jagger (circa Altamont Speedway)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The answers I have read thus far have been very helpful. Our investigation will begin immediately. We would like to stress that the the quality of the cape is of paramount importance. You see, Famous Chuck works for a very large corporation that needs to cut costs. As a result he may be required to fly himself and Famous Jim from New Jersey to Las Vegas for a VMWorld convention. If the cape is of lesser quality, we fear that, upon arrival, his arms may be very tired.